Education is never bound by the four walls of a school or an institution. In this age of easy access to data because of the Internet anyone can gain education sitting from the comfort of their homes. Mother is a child's first teacher. An infant learns how to eat, walk and speak holding the mother's hands. So, why can a well-educated mother not teach her children from the comfort of her home? Why schools are still a need of any civilized society?

The answer lies in the word civilization. A civilization is formed by a group of people who follow the code of the same society and behave in the manners laid down by the law of the land. This cannot be achieved by educating our children in silos. A school provides the environment and guidance that a child needs to grow up into a responsible citizen. It is in a school that the child is molded into a responsible human being who is strong enough to take on the world.

It is also a joyful world where a child learns to make friends with people who are from different backgrounds, speak different languages and practice different religion. It is actually a controlled macro-universe where they learn to share, love and care for others who are not from their families. This is where they learn to be a part of the society.

At Rahul Public School we ensure that each child is taken care of individually and special attention is paid to each one of them. We limit our numbers to less than 1000 students per year so that we can actually concentrate on the growth and development of each and every child and help them get an education that is not limited to books but, allows them to become exemplary citizens and responsible adults.

As the Principal of the school, it is my extreme pleasure and honor to be able to lead in action the spirit and thought upon which the foundation of this school was laid and to carve each child into an exemplary human being.